The story of Swanline´s

We are located in the very south of Sweden next to the lake Vombsjön in a beautiful area. I work as a police officer. My husband is working in the shipping industrie.


I have always had a grate interest in breeding. Before internet i wrote large pedigrees that i attached to the walls and moved around in different combinations. Today I am certified coach and member of the South Scanian kennel club Breeder's Committee that educates other breeders in the direction of the Swedish kennelklubb.


I got my first standardpoodle in May 1978. My parents were breeders and they had promised me that if there was a white bitch she would be mine. I waited all night beside the birthgiving mother but she deliverd only black puippies .... Then...when the the morning broke she came. My white beauty and best friend, Lanca Queen!


Meny years have past and meny poodles. In 1987 i bought my first silver standardpoodle. After that I was hooked on silver and for many years i have strived towards the perfekt silver standardpoodle!


I have been active in the Swedish poodleclub and was in the board of the south poodelclub in the end of the 80-th. In 1989 i started my kennel Swanline´s,  only ninteen years old. In 1990 i moved to Stockholm to be aducated at the Swedish police academy. With good help from friends I managed to keep my dogs and even breed some puppies. 


However, to bring up four children and having a demanding work took all my time and our poodles were family members more than showdogs for meny years. 


In 2006 i contacted my old friend Linda Isgren att Calie´s kennel. After hours and hours of poodle talk, I was hooked again and I started all over with Molly, a perfect bitch of Calie´s. She became Danish champion in 2008. Unfortunately Molly got a tick-borne infection that summer and never fully recoverd. With greate sadness Linda and I decided that Molly should never give birth to any puppies and she is now a retired and deeply loved family member.


Linda Isgren has becoma a near friend of mine and we have a long lasting collaboration. In 2011 she helped me to get the excellent and stunning bitch Macy!


In May 2016 Linda Isgren passed away in canser. Linda knew that her life was coming to an end. We had one last and intensive year together. She gave me the most precious gift! She gave me as much knowledge I could accommodate. Knowledge about poodles, breeding and about life. I love You and I miss You Linda!

Today, tomorrow and every day I keep on doing what we loved. Breeding Beautiful, Sound and Happy Silver Standard Poodles!





Breeder of the year in Sweden 2021!

silver/apricot/red standardpoodle